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Annual Foresight Retreat

The Annual Foresight Retreat is curated as a highly-interactive roundtable harnessing many years’ experience of conference design best practice.

The Annual Foresight Retreat has four goals:


Facilitate active ongoing peer-to-peer learning under the values of trust and open exchange, sharing best practices and lessons learned from system failure and recovery;


Help senior leaders and rising talents in government reimagine the design, delivery and funding of core services and develop more effective partnerships and communication with citizens, civil society and business;


Support “intrapreneurship” within public sector culture and recruitment through new ways to redeploy, reskill, and reorganize people and operations; and


Optimize cross-sector government innovation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Each Annual Foresight Retreat connects expertise across sectors and regions to address long term macro trends and immediate priorities, bringing together a group of around 30 participants:

  • 15-18 current or recent ministers, cabinet secretaries, similar ranking senior officials or rising stars recognized as leaders in public sector innovation;

  • 5-6 disruptors and resource experts at the leading edge of technology, finance, communications, behavioral science, academia, philanthropy, and civil society;

  • 3-4 city leaders, representing mayors or senior officials from cities;

  • 2-3 Network multipliers, representing top public service training institutions/networks and possibly business schools.

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