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What is the Public Sector Strategy Network?

The ability of government to carry out its role effectively in a world of increasingly complex challenges is under pressure. In the face of shifting public expectations, political unrest and budget cuts, civil servants require new networks, skills, knowledge and strategic foresight.

The Public Sector Strategy Network (PSSN) works to build a supportive alliance of engaged senior public servants and connect them with cross-sectoral innovators. Facilitating the exchange of ideas, connections and knowledge, PSSN is designed as a dynamic platform for senior public servants to take advantage of new opportunities and be best prepared for future challenges. Financial and strategic support is given by the Presidential Court of Abu Dhabi. Apolitical and Salzburg Global Seminar are co-convening partners.

The Network's top priorities are to:

  • Connect outstanding leaders in public sector strategy who can most benefit from membership and will thus play an active role in developing the Network;

  • Create opportunities for members to pool their insights and tap into each other's expertise, ensuring that in-person meetings can be deeper and more reflective;

  • Give practical support to members through themed online events, thought leadership (articles, op-eds), external resource experts, and online communication channels.

  • Allow members to contribute to the Network by producing thought leadership and generating new ideas

As the touchstone of PSSN, the Annual Foresight Retreat is critical for developing future partnerships, fostering new relationships and accelerating innovation. The retreat seeks to accelerate continuous peer-to-peer learning in the public sector and develop activities that are tailored to participants’ interests and inputs.

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